xanax for dogs

xanax for dogs

xanax for dogs


is it safe to give xanax for dogs ? many ask that question and in this article we will give you all the info on xanax for dogs and in general. if you are thinking about giving your dog this medicine. keep on reading first.


whats is xnanx ?

xanax for dogs

Xanax or sometimes called alprazolamĀ is a drug that belongs to a group called benzodiazepines,the way it works is that its slowing down
the chemical movement in the brain that are in high risk of being unstable.this will result is the reduction in the nervous tension ( anxiety )

Xanax is used to treat panic disorders and anxiety problems and also anxiety caused by depression.it has other uses that are not listed
in the medication guide so we will not get into those. read more about the drug Xanax here

on a more technical side :

xanax for dogs

Xanax contain alprazolam that is a triazolo analog of the one and four benzodiazepine class of the central nervous system in its active
compounds. the chemical name for the alprazolam is 8-Chloro-1-methyl-6-phenyl-4H-s-triazolo ( 4,3-a )[1,4] benzodiazepine. each xanax
pill taking orally contains 0.25 ,0.5 , 1 or 2 mg of alprazolam.

how come we can give our dogs xanax ?

xanax for dogs

Veterinarians recommend training before giving away this drug.but for some behavioral problems they will prescribe human behavior modification
drugs to treat the animal.the active ingredient in the drug xanax is alprazolam which is a tranquilizer just like Valium. it is only available
by prescription and giving by your doctor or vet.your vet will give xanax for dogs to treat him with some behavioral problems such as :

- Separation anxiety and situational anxiety,anxiety , thunderstorm and other phobias.

- it can be useful in treating the irritable bowl syndrome and also as a muscle relaxant.

- extreme grief depression.

Dogs are in a way, like humans. and many medicine that humans take can be given to dogs as well. the only difference is the dosage because
dogs are small and most of them weigh very little.

dosage information on xanax for dogs

xanax for dogs

the typical dosage of xanax for dogs is 0.01 to 0.05 mg per pound of the dog.never give your dog xanax without consulting with your
vet before hand and its best to do so when he is present.give the pills orally every 12 hours. the duration of the treatment can vary from dog to dog
and condition. so let your vet decide the right time to stop the dosage.also be aware of the side effects that may occur when giving xanax for dogs
every dog is different and every condition is different so you need to pay attention to your dog and see that every thing is ok .

things to consider and side effects

xanax for dogs

Xanax for dogs is not a substitute for training.this drug and other behavioral modification drugs are only given when there is no other
solutionĀ and the dog is going to be put down because of bad behavioral. the xanax needs to calm your dog down just enough so he can take training
lessons and if phobias are the case then he needs just enough to realize that the fear isn’t that bad.

known side effect of xanax for dogs are clumsiness and sleepiness.when given xanax to your dog pay attention and if you see your pet excessively
sleepy or losing control of basic motor skills such as standing and walking, let your vet know immidiatly.these side effects can be avoided by
reducing the dosage but again let your vet make those decisions.

Another thing to consider is that xanax for dogs sometimes has a paradoxical effect and may cause excitement and over aggressive behavior
if you give your dog a long-term treatment with xanax he may suffer from physical dependence.dogs are treated with xanax for a very short
time and never for a long run.

if your dog have known sensitive to the drug or other health issues such as glaucoma muscular weakness or liver disease don’t give him
xanax! also it is important to let your vet know if your dog takes other medicine even its just aspirin because xanax can interact with other


So if your dog has behavioral problems or deep phobias that can not be treated any other way. only then consider giving him xanax for dogs
and only after talking to your vet and letting him decide for you. remember that almost every behavioral problem can be solved with