Lab puppies

lab puppies
There is nothing cuter in this world then a lab puppies. and if you know or own a lab puppy you know what were talking about.this page is dedicated to lab puppies , we will try to give useful information here on how to behave when bringing a new lab puppy in to your home and we will give some training advice for lab puppies.

So. you decided to adopt or buy a new puppy. that’s great! there’s nothing like having a dog in the house and like said before no other dog can beat the lab puppies. there are just too cute!. having said that labrador puppies can be a bit naughty and is recommended that you train and set some boundaries for your new puppy right from the start.first lets talk about how to choose the right lab puppy for you. everyone has different needs and every family or house hold has different space so first thing is to know what you’re getting into and ask yourself a few important questions.

Is lab puppies for you ?

Black and white lab puppies

1 : the average life expectancy of a labrador dog is between 10 – 12 years. so are you ready to commit for this long. dogs are not a toy to play with and then throw when you had enough. you need to know that taking a dog or lab puppies is a 10 – 12 years responsibility.

2 : is a labrador dog right for you ? lab puppies and Labrador’s in general are very demanding .they want to share there whole life with you and always be at your side.they are very curious and energetic. until they reach old age they need long daily walks at least twice a day . they enjoy swimming. they love to play fetch they can play for hours .if they get board for too long they will become destructive and start eating away at pretty much everything. carpets. couch furniture and more. these things need to be taken in consideration with lab puppies.

3: Anxiety and separation. the lab puppies don’t like to be alone. in the first couple of months the puppy needs to be by your side and if left alone for too long it can turn him into a stressful puppy and that leads to behavior problems.

after figuring out that a labrador is the right dog for you lets talk about what you need to prepare at your home before bringing in the labradors and any other large breeds need space. if you have a yard that’s great. if you live in a big apartment that’s good too. try to put the dog in an open space where he will have room to play and wont feel claustrophobic.
don’t leave things on the floor. lab puppies are very naughty and will destroy everything left unprotected. shoes, clothes even your furniture. make sure no toxic materials are available . cleaning bottles and other things of that nature.labradors are smart dogs. they can open dressers and closets. before getting your puppy make sure your home is ready and safe.

ok so now you know you want a dog and you decided to get a labrador. great! but do i pick the right puppy out of all the lab puppies out there. here are some tips to help you figure out what to look for when selecting your puppy.

Lab puppies – choosing the right one

1 : when you reach the breeders farm\home look at the place where the lab puppies are sleeping . is it clean? never buy a puppy from a breeder that looks like he doesnt take care of his puppies.

2 : When you enter the puppies room they should be happy and excited to see you. a healthy puppy is always happy and excited to meet new people.

3 : there will always be lab puppies that are more excited and will run to you like crazy and the other ones that will stay behind. always try to choose the puppy that is a mix of both.

4 : Look at the mom and dad. if they don’t look healthy to you that is not good. ask to see a medical proof that the parents are healthy.

5 : Ask to see the lab puppies AKC papers, they should have them. if not there’s something wrong.

6 : never take a lab puppy before he reach the age of 7-8 weeks.

Great so we now know what to look for when picking out our new puppy,whats next? well now you should learn some basic training exercises for you and your new dog so both of your lives will be much easier and happier .

lab puppies - smile

obviously a puppy will have problems controlling his bodily functions. so try to train them right from the start to do their business out side. dogs will not soil the area where they sleep. so it is a good thing in the beginning to put their bed in a small area or room so they will try to hold it until you let them out to relive themself. when you are out with your puppy try to take him to the same place every time and when he does his business praise him and use the same words every time so he can associate the place and your words with the action and remember to do that every time, lab puppies have accidents and will occasionally soil in the house. when this happens ignore it. clean it up and take them out side. there is no point in getting angry the puppy will learn in a few months that it is better for him to go out side and that will be the end of that.

Feeding Time – Diet

lab puppies eating

lab puppies and Labrador’s in general love food. they will eat anything and anytime and they really can’t control their appetite. you need to control their diet and give them measured quantity of their food so they wont get over weight. and obese dog is not only not fun but extremely not healthy and can cause many problems for your dog.when they are puppies you need to feed them with special puppy food that have lots of calcium for their massive bone structure.try to buy some good brand of food and not the cheap ones in the supermarket. a healthy diet for your lab puppies is very important.

exercise and training

lab puppies playing

lab puppies are very energetic. try to play with them and give them plenty of exercise. Labrador’s are very smart dogs. they are one of the most intelligent breeds in the world so try to play games that will make them think. like hiding their favorite toy and then asking for it. they looooove playing fetch and can play for ours.the most important thing to remember about the Labrador’s is that they always want to please. when the labrador feels he is pleasing hi owner he is a happy puppy.

basic training is not hard to do with lab puppies, they are ver intelligent and can learn very quickly almost everything you will teach them. it only takes some patience from your end and you will be fine. basic commands such as ” sit ” , “stay “ and ” heal ” are easy to teach with a positive approach. when you command your puppy to sit repeat the command until he does it then instantly give him a treat and praise him. repeat this action until he follows it will not take long.

So now you are ready to bring home a lab puppy and all we have to say is :

Welcome to a world of pure happiness :)

Here is a compilation clip of really cute lab puppies :