Yellow lab

The yellow lab

yellow lab

The labrador retriever or in short lab or yellow lab is a “gun dog” type of dog, the yellow lab breed is the most popular one in many countries around the world including Canada , australia , new Zealand , the UK and in USA. the lab dogs have been used throughout the years for many purposes that includes police work and military work using their sharp sense of smell and high work ethics. they are excellent guide dogs for the blind and they are simply amazing with young children. as the name implies the labrador retrievers love to play catch and swim.

History of the yellow lab

st john water dog

The labrador emerged from the breeding of st. john’s water dog in the island called Newfoundland in Canada. local fisherman used the lab dogs or Newfoundland dogs to assist them with bringing back their fishing nets out of the the 19th century some st. john’s dogs were brought back to england and transformed in to hunting dogs that brings back the prey after he has been shot.since then the yellow lab has gone several breeding experiments until reaching the final breed that we all know today.

The name of the yellow lab or labrador retriever is originated from the place they were brought to england known as “ the labrador” so the dogs were called labrador and they added the retriever for the main reason that these kind of dogs were excellent in retrieving anything that was asked of them.

It is interesting that until the mid 20th century the yellow lab was actually a more dark butterscotch color and with times passes by they gain more popularity and so the yellow lab breed was born and remain until this day. now days the yellow lab is the most common out of all the three Labrador’s breeds. ( yellow , chocolate and black )

for more detaild history information you can visit the Wiki page on labs :Wikipedia page on labradors”

The yellow lab appearance

yellow lab appearance

yellow Labrador’s are medium to large dogs. the males usually weigh 29 to 41 Kg while the female weigh 25 to 32 Kg , the lab puppies are well known over the world as to their very cute look that you cant deny. over this weight is considered obese,the labs shed their hair twice a year during the seasons changes but depending on the climate of the region they can shed hair all year long.they have short and straight hair their tail is broad and strong and they have webbed toes making them excellent swimmers and as said before yellow labs love the water.they have a double layer fur making it almost water proof enabling them to swim in cold water.

the hight of the yellow lab should be between 57 to 62 Cm for males and 55 to 60 Cm for females. the coat of the labs is short and dense. the labs head is wide with a pronounced look , the eyes is kind and very expressive and can be in brown color or hazel. they have ears that hang close to the head and slightly above the eyes. the jews are very powerful and in medium length. their body is very strong and muscular. and they can come in three colors as mentioned before : yellow , black and chocolate.

Yellow lab temperament

yellow lab smile

the labs are kind , pleasant and outgoing . they are very persistent and once they pick a scent they will not stop until they have found its origin. the police force and army uses Labrador’s to track down smugglers thieves and more.
they have a very sensitive jew, the yellow lab can hold an egg in his mouth without barking it. they are amazing family dogs known to have great reputation with children of all ages. they are fearless and will try anything . it is said that the females are more independent than males,labs mature at age three and they are known to be of a very healthy appetite. they are hungry all the time and will eat anything on their plate, this is why most owners need to pay attention and give them only the amount of food they need in a day so they don’t get obese.the yellow lab is a very curious dog and highly intelligent. given the right motivation a labrador can be very focused
on a target and be very creative in getting the result.for his high work ethic and high intelligence the yellow labs are great work dogs usually trained as hunting dogs , tracking and detection dogs.

Is the yellow lab dog for you ?


This is a good question. many people try to figure out what kind of dog should they adopt or buy. and its a big question. there are things to consider such as :

1 : is my home big enough for a big dog like the yellow lab ?

the labrador is a big dog. while he can manage almost anywhere still it is best that he or she will have room to play and maybe have their own space. you don’t have to own a big house with a garden. a flat big enough to place a pillow in an empty space and some room to play will do.

2 : do i have the time to take care of the dog like he deserves?

Labrador’s need exercise. if you don’t have the time to take them out on a walk 3 times a day then consider other options.

3 : what about the long run ?

the yellow lab dog can live up to 14-15 years. when taking in this dog think long-term. you need to commit for at least 10 years .

these are all important questions you need to ask yourself before getting a lab dog.

Health issues of the yellow lab

Labrador’s are generally healthy dogs and don’t have health issues. they can only be separated from their mother after 8 weeks and their life expectancy is between 10 – 12 years.they do have some inherited disorders such as :

1: Hip and elbow dysplasia – before breeding the dogs needs to take an x-ray to show it doesn’t have hip dysplasia.

2: Risk of knee problems. where the knee dislocates and goes back into place this is called luxating patella.

3: in some Labrador’s eye problems accrue.

4: obesity , a study shows that 25% of Labrador’s in the united states are obese, this can cause major health problems as mentioned above.

Does the color of the yellow lab changes his personality ?

the color of labs

absolutely not! – i have heard this question on several forums and blogs and it is just not true. yellow labs and black labs and chocolate labs have the same characters and the only thing that is different about them is the color of their fur. there is no need to expand on this subject because it is not true.

So for closer, the yellow labrador is a great breed in almost every way and if you are considering on adopting a dog we highly recommend getting a yellow lab

Here is a cute clip of the yellow lab in action :